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Trade List 2016

The last year has seen great developments within our portfolio and you will find over 60 new wines from 20 new producers within it. Many of these are small family owned estates, or are up and coming stars of the future and so the majority have never been available in the UK market before.

The biggest changes have been in our Italian selection, with a raft of new wines from Piedmont, a collection of lesser known names from Sicily and the South and some grand classics from Tuscany and from the North East. It has not, however, all been Italy, with many new arrivals elsewhere and I would especially draw your attention to the wines of Heretat Mont Rubi in Catalonia and those of Bouza in Uruguay.

The world of wine continues to change apace and yet the British consumer remains inherently conservative, drinking from a small repetoire of wines. To satisy this, we will continue to source the best of the classic wines, whilst using education to engage customers in the amazing range that is out there waiting to be discovered. I hope that you will join us. 

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Peter Mitchell MW

Wine Director



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