How to Use My Wine Booklet


Overview of My Wine Booklet

One of the biggest features of the new Laytons website is what we’ve called 'My Wine Booklet'. You can create your very own personalised tasting booklet from any wines on, and control the order in which they appear. The booklet, which has a cover page and table of contents, can be printed off or saved as pdf.

Quick 'How to Use' Guide

Six steps to creating your booklet:

1) Search for wines
2) Add wines to your booklet by clicking this icon Add Wine to your Booklet  and remove wines Remove Wine from your Booklet
3) Access your booklet by clicking the top right hand button 'My Wine Booklet' on any page
4) Change the order of booklet wines by using this icon Move Wine Icon and delete wines Remove Wine Icon
5) Save any changes, and then click 'Create Wine Booklet'
6) Title your booklet and print or save

More Details on Creating Booklets

Adding Wines to your Booklet

Firstly, select the wines you would like to appear in your booklet. Whenever you view a wine on our website, by either using the search or viewing the wines information page, you’ll always see the 'Add Wine' button. Clicking on this button will add the wine to the bottom of your wine booklet.

After you’ve clicked on the button you’ll notice it changes to show a red minus symbol, this shows that you’ve added the wine to your booklet. To remove a wine simply click on the minus button or go into your booklet and remove it.

Add Wine to your Booklet - Add the wine to your booklet
Remove Wine from your Booklet - Remove the wine from your booklet

Ordering/Deleting Wines in your Booklet

You can view the wines in your booklet at any time by clicking on My Wine Booklet in the top right corner of the website.

My Wine Booklet

To change the order the wines in your booklet simply drag the wine up or down by using the move icon.

Move Wine Icon - Move Icon

Important – Whenever you change the order or remove any wines you must click on the Save Order button at the top and bottom of your wine list. If you don't your changes won't be saved.

To remove a wine from your booklet just click on the Remove icon.

Remove Wine Icon - Remove Icon

Creating your Wine Booklet

Once you have added all of the wines you need, and you’ve set the order, you’re now ready to create your wine booklet. To do this go to your wine booklet and click on the 'Create my Wine Booklet' button.

You'll then be asked to fill in three peices of information, which will be shown on the title page; a title for the booklet, your name and the date of the tasting. Once you have filled in these details click on Create my Wine Booklet and your browser will ask you if you want to open or save the PDF.

Emptying your Wine Booklet

When you return to the website it will have remembered the wines you’ve previously selected for your booklet. If you wish to start again, just go to your wine booklet and click on the 'Empty my Wine Booklet' button to remove all of the wines.

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